Al Quraish

اگر آپ کی مطلوبہ کتاب ہماری ویب سائیٹ پرنہیں موجود تو براہ مہربانی ہمارے واٹس ایپ نمبر 03340370378 پر رابطہ کریں- شکریہ


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Oxford English–Urdu Dictionary (OEUD) is a bilingual edition of Concise Oxford Dictionary, the world’s most comprehensive English dictionary. OEUD covers around 125,000 Urdu equivalents of English words, phrases and idioms, which have been entered after years-long research by language specialists. The meanings and expressions of English words have been translated into Urdu very carefully, clearly, and precisely. The OEUD also contains standard symbols and signs of today’s British English, illustrative sentences, guidance for correct pronunciation, and keys of phonetic symbols. The OEUD will be an asset for those students who seek accurate and perfect bilingual references.

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